How UK Rock Star Peter Klappi Used Short term Car Insurance to Avoid Financial Ruin

UK rock music legend Peter Klappi is used to driving about in Europe to perform. His group, The Nomads, performs at over 140 venues in Europe each year. They perform their greatest hits that have earned them critical acclaim. They also perform new songs that have earned them great reviews.

Peter Klappi's career would have ended one November night in Oslo if he forgot to purchase the short term car cover he remembered to buy prior to going on a tour of Scandinavia.

You see, The Nomads got into a terrible wreck one November night in Oslo which almost cost them everything they owned.

It happened like this...

The Nomads were travelling from Oslo to Bergen along Storgata when suddenly an overzealous driver in an estate car came zipping across in front of them.

The driver of The Nomads' tour bus, Lars Larson, slammed on the breaks to avoid the speeding estate car. He lost control of the bus and ended up ditching the bus into a nearby car park.

Thankfully, no one inside the bus was hurt. However, poor Peter Klappi's prized bus had a broken front fender and a crushed bonnet. Furthermore, his band's drum set and amps were mangled in the wreck.

Peter and Lars rang the police to explain what had happened. The police came to the car park to investigate the accident. They noticed skid marks and several parts of the bus's fender near Storgata. Once Lars explained why he had to skid the bus to get away from the speeding driver, the police determined that Lars had no choice but to ditch the bus into the car park.

Once Peter and Lars spoke with police, Peter received a highly detailed accident report. This report was invaluable because it allowed Peter to work with his local insurance agency in London.

Peter called his agency and was able to speak with a local agent named Patti Lorgan. Ms Lorgan explained that since Peter purchased short term comprehensive cover for his bus and his equipment, she'd be happy to help The Nomads get the things they needed to keep touring Scandinavia.

As a result, Peter used the provisions in his temporary car cover policy to take his group's bus to a reputable car garage for repairs. He also used his policy to pay for a replacement set of drums and amps for his band's next date in Bergen.

These provisions saved The Nomads' bacon because it allowed them to pay for expensive bus repairs that they couldn't immediately pay for. Moreover, the policy's provisions also gave them the immediate resources they needed to keep their tour going on as scheduled.

As a result, Peter Klappi was able to keep his band's tour going as scheduled. They were able to play in front of sold out audiences in theatres and outdoor concert spaces across Norway to rave reviews.

Nowadays, The Nomads and Peter Klappi continue to tour round Europe in their repaired tour bus. They still play at over 100 venues across Europe. They even have a new digital record out!

What more could a rocker want?